On grid system

On grid system

1 This system consists of solar panels and inverter and a digital counter-two-way that is rotating in both directions either that the electricity destined to the home or be out of the house to the public electricity network, but must be the policy of the country operates this type of meters even Can be installed so it is not applied in Saudi Arabia but has been applied in some Arab countries such as Egypt and Jordan 

2-This system is one of the simplest systems and the most effective economic because it has no batteries, solar charge controller and there are no significant losses in energy 

3-The energy produced from the panels is sufficient for use, so no electrical current is flowing from the public grid 

4-Solar systems On Grid are the solar systems generate electricity only when connected to the government electricity grid and in case of interruption, the system becomes stopped and does not provide any source of alternative power for the safety of maintenance workers of the basic grid 

5-There are solar systems on the grid containing batteries to provide electricity in the event of separation electricity from the main electrical network but the cost is higher because of the batteries to save energy