Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems

1-This system consists of solar panels, solar charge controller , inverter, batteries and wiring, but a new source of energy other than solar panels is added as a backup generator running on diesel or wind power or from the main grid .

2-use all energy generated from the cells first and then add any deficit from the electricity grid, but if there is a power outage, it provides alternative energy through batteries connected to the different storage capacities 

3-In this system does not require storage of large energy because of an alternative source of energy for solar energy and therefore we use fewer batteries and solar panels than off grid system and thus become less expensive than the off grid t system

4-If main grid is connected to this system then a large part of the electricity will be provided. Therefore, the consumer will enter the subsidized accounting segments for electricity bills, especially when the largest percentage of electricity consumption is during the day

5-This system needs continuous follow-up to determine the operating times of the alternative source such as diesel generator, which is usually used to charge batteries and then use the electricity that was stored