Efficiency Energy system

Efficiency Energy system


ANWAR NAJD is able to find engineering solutions to save consumption  energy through the following points
  1- Efficiency energy  is the optimal use of energy so that we get the required energy at the lowest costs and expenses and apply to all appliances and electrical tools used in homes, shops, malls or government departments and others

2- unique company ANWAR NAJD an advisory team to advise you to design a system to reduce the consumption of electricity with simple ideas and low costs and up to 40% of  save  energy                                                                                

Methods  of  save  energy in the field of lighting        

 3- Assuming that we have a house with 10 ordinary lamps  and compared to save energy lamps, we find that the 15-watt power-save  LED produces the same intensity as the 60-watt lamps . We can get a great deal of save energy if we replace ordinary lamps with save energy lamps  that  provided with the same intensity as the required lighting                         

This is an example of how much save energy in the case of use save energy lamps ,this  type  of the lamps lifetime is usually from 40,000 to 50,000 hours

The following table shows that the save energy by using  save energy lamps is 22.500 kwh during lamp life and the total saving per lamp  is 2250 kwh
When calculating the amount of the save value, with consideration  the consumption of the least residential segment is assumed to be 5 Halalh / kW
The amount of save money  per lamp is equal to 2250 k *5 H = 112.5  RS 
Thus the total save amount money for all lamps is   1125  RS

ANWAR NAJD solutions in light filed  : 
use of save energy lamps that  ideal and save energy rather than use of normal  lamps  in all uses (for homes - shops - malls - public parks - gardens and out wall villas - farms - petrol stations  - mosques)